Annika's creativity is the culmination of her love of people, music and rebellion; no matter how big or small. Passion for metal, technique, quality control and the human form is the backbone of Annika Quinn Jewelry. 

The goal of AQ's designs are to push the limits of what we know jewelry to be. Creating new ways to compliment the neck, wrist, hand and face are the some of the goals of AQ. The end users' confidence while wearing the piece is the ultimate objective.

It might be assumed that Annika Quinn Jewelry is specific to women which is accurate, but ultimately, the belief is that AQ is for everyone. Which is why there are various sizes in rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. 

AQ hand-works brass, bronze sterling silver and gold. Each product is tested for comfort, weight, size, oxidization, function and longevity. Each piece is also guaranteed for repair and polishings. Annika Quinn Jewelry wants the end user to feel confident in themselves and their jewelry investment.