In connection with the "Vikings" exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Utah, Annika Quinn Jewelry paired up with Craft Lake City to host a workshop. Inspired by the exhibit and it's cultural ties to Annika's heritage, AQ Jewelry wanted to teach others how to create their very own Pennannular Brooch. *Pen = meaning "almost" and Annular = meaning "circle" Whether to pin a scarf together, decorate a denim jacket or cable knit sweater, this brooch, or pin can be used by everyone.

The Pennannular Brooch came in many sizes for its purpose was to pin clothing and keep pelts securely fastened around the shoulders. In our research of Viking findings, particularly jewelry, the brooch became ubiquitous possibly due to its simple design and necessary function.

it seemed fitting that everyone should have a chance to step back in time and discover how to bend, form and hammer their very own, useful pin. The class was a huge success and AQ Jewelry was proud to be there and teach such a great group of students.